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A core mission of the organization is communication.  Podcasting is the center piece for communicating with veterans.  My wife commented recently she noticed how much veterans love telling stories.  I told her veterans also love to hear stories...especially stories of success.  Sure we love the hero's journey story of the soldier who took out a machine gun nest all by themself...but we also like to hear about the veteran who came home, got married, and loved their spouse and family their entire life.  Those vet's are heroes too.

As a free on-demand radio program, The Veterans Club Podcast allows veterans to hear those stories when they need to hear matter where they are!  With a smart phone and an internet connection, veterans are always able to get the uplifting power of a veteran's story.

I am reaching out to veterans everywhere and inviting them to be a guest on the show.  Interviews are easy.  If you live in North Idaho, I would prefer to sit with you for coffee or a beverage and record your story, but I can record stories over the phone too.  The Veterans Club is a national program.  While many of the stories and community resources initially will be from North Idaho and Eastern Washington...I have my eyes set on helping veterans everywhere.

Some vets think their story is not worth telling...they just served their country during peace-time and nothing of significance happened.  While I disagree with the premise...the bases for this podcast is to talk more about how your military service helped you as an American citizen.  How did the military shape your future as an American?  What would you tell your younger self?  How would you mentor a young man or woman thinking about joining the military?

I need at least 52 stories a year for a weekly program, but my heart is to do this full time and publish as many stories as possible.  Imagine if we could publish 4 stories a day, five days a week for 52 weeks a year?  That would be over 1,040 stories per year for veterans and America to hear.

As veterans, you and I took an oath to protect America.  As old veterans, we can continue that oath and share our eternal optimism with the next generation of service members.

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Thank you for your service!

Ed Bejarana
US Army 1986-89
3rd AD Band Frankfurt, Germany

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