The Veterans Club is one of those passion programs a person starts because they feel a push from some unknown force to take action.  In my case, I know who is pushing...

Back in 2015 I had life saving open heart surgery to slow my expiration date from an enlarged heart due to a genetic condition.  I did not expect to wake from that procedure.  Thinking back on the experience, I would have been ok of God called me home at that time.  But God had something different in store for me.

The Veterans Club is a life project to capture as many veterans telling their military service story as possible.  The goal is to use the words of veterans to give strength to other veterans who are struggling with life.

My vision goes deeper.  If the words of veterans can help, then what about the effort of veterans?  I see millions of veterans as a resource to help communities through these difficult times...in the process, the veterans helping others gain valuable personal satisfaction.  Heck, veterans who help others gain purpose, joy, pride, and so many other great emotions.  If this program can touch enough people, then I believe we can decrease the number of veterans who take their own life.

Over the coming weeks I will be filing paperwork to make The Veterans Club a 501(c)3 organization with the sole mission to empower veterans to help veterans and communities.  By focusing the power of veterans, who stopped the most vicious villains in human history, we can bring good and the American can-do, spirit back to American communities.

I am going to need an army of people to help...I am not sure how I'll pool the resources needed for this mission, but as a believer in God's plan, I believe he will provide.

If you would like to get involved, please email me at info@theveteransclub.org or call (208) 209-7170.

Thank you,

Ed Bejarana
Army Vet 1986-1989
3rd AD Band, Frankfurt, Germany